Why Choose Us

Why choose Philadelphia Speakers Bureau .com?

We have the most outstanding source of local Philadelphia area speakers and trainers anywhere!
We're constantly honing local talent to make them available.


1. So We Can Save You Money!

We can almost always get you exceptional local talent at less than it would cost to bring in nationally ranked presenters.
This gives you more presentation bang for your buck!

Our local speakers and trainers start from $2500 for speeches and workshops in the greater Philadelphia area.

In addition, we have a substantial data base of national speakers and trainers to choose from, if needed.


2. The "Knock It Out Of The Park" Factor!

Our special talent is finding that one speaker or trainer who will 'knock it out of the park' for you.
In fact, we have a special process for identifying the particular speaker / trainer who will be the
perfect presenter for a particular audience and event.

Simply stated - this is the most important factor of all. We'll cause you to get rave reviews as a result of
having a speaker who exceeded almost everyone's expectations.

We go the extra mile to make sure we find that one presenter who will get you rave reviews.

They're often a match on many levels for both the audience and the particular event.


3. We Make It Easy

We'll make it easy for you to find the precise speaker or trainer who will more than get the job done.

Once you've told us a little about your event and your audience, we'll email you links to three speakers or trainers we recommend.
You'll be able to view each speaker's video and get a feel for whether they're a what you're looking for.


4. We'll Go The Extra Mile For You

We'll go out of our way to find you a select group of local Philadelphia area speakers,
or out of town speakers who match both your budget and presentation criteria.

Then we'll help you determine which one will get the best response.

Call us now at 972-689-3749 for help finding the right speaker for your event!

Use our handy Online Philadelphia Speaker Inquiry.


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We have over 2700 speakers in our roster covering over 70 speaking topics!

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