Motivational Speakers

These Tips Will Help You Find a Great Motivational Speaker for Your Event

We represent several of the finest motivational speakers in Philadelphia.

The tabbed areas below will give you important insights to consider when choosing a motivational speaker.

Most importantly, be sure to choose Motivation or Inspiration as your MAIN TOPIC on our Online Inquiry Form

Motivation Or Inspiration

Motivation Speakers

They can open your event, present a keynote or motivate your sales team.

A motivational speaker will cause people to think in new ways, re-engage and take action.

Inspirational Speakers

Choose the topic INSPIRATION if your primary aim is to move your audience emotionally.

Inspirational speakers have almost always overcome tremendous obstacles and hardships.

They will talk about overcoming adversity in a way that inspires every audience member.

Choose Motivation or Inspiration

Be sure to determine if you want a motivational speaker or an inspirational speaker.

Remember they are not the same.

Once you decide, be sure to choose MOTIVATION or INSPIRATION as your main topic on our Online Inquiry Form

Sales Motivation

If you want to motivate your sales team, a motivational speaker is a great way to do it.

Several of our motivational speakers are sales trainers who know the sales process inside and out.

We recommend that you survey your sales team to identify the areas they're struggling with most.

Your speaker can include insights on those specific issues in their presentation.

It's often very useful to time the Sales Motivational presentation at specific points in the sales cycle of your team.

Talk with your speaker to get ideas and suggestions.

Sports Figures & Olympiads

A local sports figure is a great way to motivate and inspire your group.

We have local sports figures available as well as nationally known athletes.

We represent several gold medal winning Olympic Champions.

Our list includes many of the greatest athletes in history like Mark Spitz and Jackee Joyner-Kersee.

All our sports figures and Olympic Champions start from $7,500 and are generally around $10,000 to $20,000 for an appearance.

Depending on what is required of them at your event, each athlete will price their services differently.